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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Hitting that Brick Wall and bouncing off...

Do you ever get that technology phobic feeling? That little nagging aahh in your stomach. I sometimes get it where I just think that there is no way I can learn all this new technology. Its like math anxiety from learning times tables in the second grade all over again!!

So what to do? The librarian profession is all about technology nowadays. I don't know about you, but I'm still in the Gen X why the phobicness?

I think its the rapid change even as you blink your eye...Like I learn Dreamweaver MX, don't use it for 2 months...oops now I've forgotten and of course Dreamweaver 8 just came out....Learn Camtasia 4 ooops now there is Capitivate which can be better what to do?? Then what about not having access to the software you want to learn...Scream! No...

With the overwhelming balance of reference, supervision, collection development, committee work...who has time to sit down and learn photoshop for the one time a year you may need to post a picture on the web?

What to Do?? This is what I'm doing this year (my personal goal) Take one one piece of you choose, but choose one and work hard at learning that one for a month....then next month on to something else. This month for me its Adobe Acrobat...why?? I needed a form for a conference good time to learn. Also...tutorials on the web are fabulous:

Tutorial Outpost

Just a little musing of overwhelmedness!


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